Your ideas.


3D Visualization

You are an architect or designer and you have created 2D designs based on your customer's wishes and requirements. To better visualize these projects, you are looking for a 3D representation of these designs.

CNC Wood Proccesing

You want to implement a project using wood materials - be it a swing set, a tree house, or an entire home. You are starting with an idea, have made drawings, or professionally prepared plans but don't have the resources, expertise, equipment, or simply not the time to manufacture the required wood components.

Our solution.


3D Visualization

We are specialists for professional and contemporary 3D visualization for designers, architects, and home builders. You send us your 2D drawings in one of several common formats. We convert these from 2D to 3D and add information such as light sources and surfaces.

CNC Wood Processing

Based on your drawings, we create technical designs and convert them into machine-readable formats that can be used by CNC wood processing machines. More and more sawmills and wood and building supply stores today operate these machines.

The result.


3D Visualization

You receive the completed 3D designs to realistically visualize your projects for your customers.

CNC Wood Processing

You receive the completed wood cuts to realize your project from a specialized sawmill or wood store. Complex construction projects can then be implemented by professional carpenters. Simpler projects can be completed by experienced do-it-yourself enthusiasts.