About us

CLEVER_PLANEN was founded by Ludwig Clever. He lives in Aachen, Germany since 1980 and studied civil engineering at the RWTH. Working in a carpentry at the same time, he became familiar with timber works and stayed with it since then. It is his passion. Over the years, he gained professional experience, above all in construction site management and, increasingly, he had to adapt to a lot of technological changes in wood processing. Hence, he came up with the idea of founding CLEVER_PLANEN. The company uses powerful CAD planning software with a post processor for CNC timber processing machines to offer smart solutions for your projects. Thus, it is possible to carry out almost any wooden construction. The files delivered by us can then be read by CNC timber processing machines. Our customers are, for more complex projects, carpentries, timbermen, architects, etc. Easier plans can also be carried out by experienced DIYs.